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Table 1 Summary of the distribution and sub-grouping of E2F1-6 Family proteins in different organisms

From: The ancient function of RB-E2F Pathway: insights from its evolutionary history

  E2f1-6 family
M brevicollis E2F-Mb (gi|167523471)
  E2F1/2/3 subgroup E2F4/5 subgroup
T. adhaerens E2F1/2/3-Ta (gi|196010483) E2F4/5-Ta (gi|196012606)
N. vectensis E2F1/2/3-Nv (gi|156371340) E2F4/5-Nv (gi|156368461)
C. elegans      EFL-1-Ce (gi|17559226) lanogaster E2F1-Dm (gi|24648770) E2F2-Dm (gi|17137542)
S. purpuratus      E2F4/5-Sp (gi|115696783)
C. intestinalis E2F1/2/3-Ci (gi|118343729) E2F4/5-Ci (gi|118343737)
B. floridae E2F1/2/3-Bf (gi|260790430) E2F4/5-Bf (gi|260798626)
  E2F1 E2F2 E2F3 E2F6 E2F4 E2F5
T. nigroviridis ENSTNIT00000007876 ENSTNIT00000020634 ENSTNIT00000012687 ENSTNIT00000008935
D. rerio    gi|220673319 gi|71892405 gi|47087407 gi|68533607
X. tropicalis ENSXETT00000046332   gi|58331835   gi|167560905 gi|188528909
G. gallus gi|45382583   gi|118086362 ENSGALT00000031596 gi|118096144 gi|71896455
R. norvegicus gi|189217865   gi|212549627 gi|109479090 ENSRNOT00000021145  
M. musculus gi|6681243 gi|29244208 gi|83523736 gi|237681138 gi|22507329 gi|31982405
B. taurus gi|194672360 gi|76611569 gi|76663083 gi|116003911 gi|115497534  
C. familiaris gi|73992245 ENSCAFT00000021059 gi|74004128 gi|73980432 gi|73957515 gi|73999542
H. sapiens gi|12669911 gi|4758226 gi|4503433 gi|109637795 gi|12669915 gi|134142811
  1. According to results from Figure 2A, E2F1-6 family proteins (accession numbers from genbank or Ensembl database) identified in M. brevicollis and 16 metazoan organisms were listed. The detail explains could be found in main text