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Table 3 Regulatory Rho-family small GTPases involved in phagocytosisa

From: The origins of phagocytosis and eukaryogenesis

Protein family; a representative (GI) Detection in proteomic studies (number of species, out of 5 studied) Role in phagocytosis Domain architecture (with CDD IDs)band structural features (N-C)c Range of orthologs in eukaryotes Prokaryotic homologs References
1 (mouse) Regulates actin remodeling in Fc-mediated and AC-mediated phagocytosis, and micropinocytosis but not CR-mediated phagocytosis Rho (Ras homology) family of Ras-like GTPases: Cdc42 subfamily (cd01874) Animals, fungi, and Choanoflagellida Orthologous relationships are hard to determine but numerous bacteria and some archaea encode diverse small GTPases [94, 121, 92, 25]
CED-10 [95]
4 (except for Tetrahymena)   Rho family of Ras-like GTPases (cd00157) All eukaryotes except for Apicomplexa and Kinetoplastida   
2 (mouse and Drosophila) Regulates actin remodeling in CR-mediated phagocytosis; not required for or inhibits other types of phagocytosis Ras-like GTPases: RhoA-like subfamily (cd01870) Animals, fungi, and Choanoflagellida   [97, 98, 102]
  1. aOnly proteins whose role in phagocytosis was characterized in detail are included.
  2. bThe domain identifier from the Conserved Domain Database [96] is given in parentheses.
  3. cThe domains are listed from the N-terminus to the C-terminus of the respective protein.