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Table 5 Distribution of zinc-, non-heme iron- and copper-binding proteins in the three domains of life

From: On the origin of life in the Zinc world. 2. Validation of the hypothesis on the photosynthesizing zinc sulfide edifices as cradles of life on Earth

  Zna Non-heme Feb Cuc
Bacteria 4.9 3.9 0.3
Archaea 6.0 7.1 0.4
Eukarya 8.8 1.1 0.3
  1. The numbers show the fractions (in %) of proteins with binding sites for Zn, non-heme Fe and Cu, respectively, as related to the total protein content, in the representatives of the three domains of life, determined by application of the same bioinformatics approaches [135].
  2. a – Based on the data from [250];
  3. b – Based on the data from [251];
  4. c – Based on the data from [311];