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Table 1 Number of same-strand overlapping genes.

From: Same-strand overlapping genes in bacteria: compositional determinants of phase bias

  Short overlaps (1–5 bases) Long overlaps (7 bases or more) Total
Phase 1 18 21,550 21,568
Phase 2 42,177 7,465 49,642
Total 42,195 29,015 71,210
  1. We used 167 bacterial genomes from Luo et al. [14]. Nine genomes GenBank:NC_000908, GenBank:NC_000912, GenBank:NC_002162, GenBank:NC_002771, GenBank:NC_004432, GenBank:NC_004829, GenBank:NC_005364, GenBank:NC_006055, and GenBank:NC_006908 that do not employ the universal genetic code were excluded.