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Table 2 The 10 most common phyletic patterns in the arCOGs

From: Clusters of orthologous genes for 41 archaeal genomes and implications for evolutionary genomics of archaea

Lineage Speciesa Number of arCOGs
Mathanosarcinales Metac, Metba, Metma 239
Halobacteriales Halma, Halsp, Halwa, Netph 204
Sulfolobales Sulac, Sulso, Sulto 192
All All 41 166
Thermoproteales Pyrae, Pyrca, Pyris, Thete 162
Thermococcales Pyrab, Pyrfu, Pyrho, Theko 142
Methanosarcinales Metac, Metba 126
Methanococcales MetmC, Metmp 105
Halobacteriales Halma, Halwa 99
Thermoplasmales Picto, Theac, Thevo 96
  1. aAbbreviations are as in Table 1.