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Table 5 HVR2 genes.

From: Natural variation in SAR11 marine bacterioplankton genomes inferred from metagenomic data

Gene number Gene product Functional category TM helices Non-syntenic hits
SAR11_0524 unknown unknown   0
SAR11_0525 nucleotide sugar epimerase CHO metabolism   1
SAR11_0526 nucleotide sugar epimerase CHO metabolism   3
SAR11_0527 acetolactate synthase aa metabolism   5
SAR11_0528 methyl transferase aa metabolism   22
SAR11_0529 alcohol dehydrogenase cho metabolism   11
SAR11_0530 phospholipid synthase om   6
SAR11_0531 short-chain dehyrogenase CHO metabolism   4
SAR11_0532 oxidoreductase unknown specificity 1 0
SAR11_0533 methyltransferase unknown specificity   2
SAR11_0534 aminotransferase unknown 2 3
SAR11_0535 unknown unknown 1 0
SAR11_0536 tktc pentose-phosphate   5
SAR11_0537 tktn pentose-phosphate   11
SAR11_0538 nucleotide sugar epimerase CHO metabolism   34
SAR11_0539 carbohydrate kinase CHO metabolism   47
SAR11_0540 glycosyl transferase CHO metabolism 2 2
SAR11_0541 nucleotide sugar dehydratasez nt-CHO metabolism   11
SAR11_0542 unknown unknown 9 0
SAR11_0543 unknown unknown 3 0
SAR11_0544 unknown unknown 4 0
SAR11_0545 phosphoheptose isomerase CHO metabolism   10
SAR11_0546 sugar phoshatase om   4
SAR11_0547 amino-acid oxidase aa metabolism   15
SAR11_0548 unknown unknown 10 0
SAR11_0549 unknown unknown 10 0
SAR11_0550 glycosyl transferase om   9
SAR11_0551 probable phage integrase unknown   3
SAR11_0552 glycosyl tranferase om   2
SAR11_0553 amino transferase om   5
SAR11_0554 carbamoyl transferase antibiotic synthesis   57
SAR11_0555 phospholipid synthase om   0
SAR11_0556 glycosyl tranferase om   2
SAR11_0557 glycosyl tranferase om 3 2
SAR11_0558 phospholipid synthase om   0
SAR11_0559 trehalose phosphate synthase om   0
SAR11_0560 methyl transferase unknown   0
SAR11_0561 oxidoreductase phytobilin synthesis   1
SAR11_0563 glycosyl transferase cho metabolism   4
SAR11_0564 unknown unknown   1
SAR11_0565 unknown unknown   13
SAR11_0566 o-antigen polymerase om 10 40
SAR11_0567 unknown unknown 11 55
SAR11_0568 oxidoreductase aa metabolism   1
  1. Bold font indicates genes involved in inner and outer core lipopolysaccharide (LPS) biosynthesis. Genes involved in the biosynthesis of the unexposed (lipid-A portion) of LPS are not present in HVR2. (om) outer membrane; (CHO) carbohydrate; (aa) amino acid