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Figure 5

From: Origin and evolution of the peroxisomal proteome

Figure 5

Evolution of the peroxisomal proteome. Biochemical pathways reconstructed according to KEGG and annotations of peroxisomal proteins. For details on the reconstruction of ancestral states see supplemental material. Color code: yellow, eukaryotic origin; green, alpha-proteobacterial origin; red, actinomycetales origin; blue, cyanobacterial origin; white, origin unresolved. Note that the ancestral eukaryotic peroxisomal proteome reconstruction depends on the topology of the eukaryotic tree. If an alternative topology is considered, placing kinetoplastida and viridiplantae together [49], and the plant peroxisomal proteome is taken from the Araperox database [31], then the reconstructed ancestral eukaryotic peroxisomal proteome would be much larger, including all proteins present in the opisthokont proteome except for ANT1, IDP3, FOX3, PEX13 and PEX19.

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