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Figure 2

From: Origin and evolution of the peroxisomal proteome

Figure 2

ERAD and peroxisomal protein import homology. A) Schematic representation of the ERAD (top) and the Pex5 recycling (bottom) pathways. Proteins involved are represented by ovals and rectangles, only those commented in the text are named. Homologous relationships between proteins from the pathways are indicated in color. B) Homology between proteins of the ERAD pathway and proteins involved in protein import to the Peroxisome. Domain organization of the proteins was predicted with SMART [45]. Independent from that, homology between the proteins was determined by profile-to-profile searches using hhsearch [46], based on alignments of orthologous groups of the various proteins. Note that the SEL1 repeat is homologous to the TPR repeat. The location of the two CDC48 N-terminal domains (CDC48_N and CDC48_2) in Pex1 is based on PSI-Blast [47] searches starting with CDC48 proteins and on the structure published for the N-terminal domains of PEX1 [48].

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