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Table 1 Tissue Mapping Between Datasets

From: Too much data, but little inter-changeability: a lesson learned from mining public data on tissue specificity of gene expression

Tissue Array (GDS422) Array (GDS596) Array (GDS181) SAGE
Brain Brain_17 WholeBrain_1 Wholebrain_1 WholeBrain_GSM763
Brain Brain_18 WholeBrain_2 Wholebrain_2 WholeBrain_GSM676
Cerebellum   Cerebellum_1 Cerebellum_1 Cerebellum_GSM761
Cerebellum   Cerebellum_2 Cerebellum_2 Cerebellum_GSM695
FrontalCortex   FrontalCortex_1   FrontalCortex_GSM786
FrontalCortex   FrontalCortex_2   
Heart Heart_5 Heart_1 Heart_1 Heart_GSM1499
Heart Heart_6 Heart_2 Heart_2  
Kidney Kidney_11 Kidney_1 Kidney_1 Kidney_GSM708
Kidney Kidney_12 Kidney_2 Kidney_2  
Kidney    Kidney_3  
Liver Liver_3 Liver_1 Liver_1 Liver_GSM785
Liver Liver_4 Liver_2 Liver_2  
Lung Lung_10 Lung_1 Lung_1 Lung_GSM762
Lung Lung_9 Lung_2 Lung_2  
Ovary   Ovary_1 Ovary_epithelium_1 Ovary_GSM719
Ovary   Ovary_2   
Pancreas Pancreas_23 Pancreas_1 Pancreas_1 Pancreas_GSM721
Pancreas Pancreas_24 Pancreas_2 Pancreas_2 Pancreas_GSM716
Placenta   PLACENTA_1 Placenta_1 Placenta_GSM14750
Placenta   PLACENTA_2 Placenta_2 Placenta_GSM14749
Prostate Prostate_21 Prostate_1 Prostate_1 Prostate_GSM764
Prostate Prostate_22 Prostate_2 Prostate_2 Prostate_GSM685
Prostate    Prostate_3 Prostate_GSM739
Prostate     Prostate_GSM14752
SpinalCord Spinal_cord_19 SpinalCord_1 Spinal_cord_1 SpinalCord_GSM2386
SpinalCord Spinal_cord_20 SpinalCord_2 Spinal_cord_2  
Thalamus   Thalamus_1 Thalamus_1 Thalamus_GSM713
Thalamus   Thalamus_2 Thalamus_2