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Figure 2

From: Similarity searches in genome-wide numerical data sets

Figure 2

Phyletic vectors and COGs associated with flagella phenotype, identified by psi-square and TTG algorithms (45 COGs and 33 COGs, respectively), with COG1298 used as a query. a) 27 COGs in benchmark (see text), also found by psi-square and TTG; b) 5 COGs found by psi-square and TTG; c) 2 COGs found by psi-square and in benchmark and one COG found by TTG only; d) 8 COGs found in benchmark only; e) 11 COGs found by psi-square only. COG numbers and functional annotations are shown in the right-hand column. Note that the species' order in this figure is different from Figure 1 and reflects the evolutionary relatedness of species.

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